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Why does Automation Testing fail?

Automation frameworks can fail if they are not used correctly. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Inadequate Test Strategy
  • Choosing the Wrong tests
  • Unstable Application
  • Poorly Maintained Automation Scripts
  • Lack of Skilled Resources
  • Inadequate Test Data Management
  • Not Adapting to Changes

To ensure the success of Automation Testing, its crucial to have a well-defined strategy, appropriate resources, ongoing maintenance and a realistic understanding of its capabilities and limitation. Automation should be seen as a valuable addition to the testing process rather than a standalone solution.

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We can help you find the best automation framework for your company. Our full automation cycle ensures that your website and product run at the top performance and efficiency. We add value through service virtualization, integration, portability, and reliability with the help of our skilled Test Automation Engineers.

With our services, one can save upto 50% on automation script development costs. We lower overall project expenses by 70% by optimizing execution and maintenance, allowing you to do more with less. As testing professionals, we automate web applications to reduce work while increasing accuracy, allowing you to focus on developing new products and strengthening your core company.

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  1. INTEGRATE CI/CD: Integrate automation tests into your Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Automated tests should run automatically whenever new code is pushed, providing rapid feedback to the development team.

  2. BUILD A TEST AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK: We create a test automation framework to standardize and streamline the automation process. Frameworks provide reusable components, libraries, and reporting structures.

  3. SELECT AUTOMATION TOOLS: Choosing the appropriate automation testing tools and frameworks based on the project’s requirements, technology stack and budget. Popular automation tools include Selenium, Appium, Junit, TestNG and others.

  4. TEST AUTOMATION SCRIPTS: Developing automated test scripts using the open source or commercial components. These scripts will cover various aspects like file handling, web interactions, mobile testing, data operations, logging, and handling dialogs.

  5. ANALYZE TEST RESULTS: Review test results to identify defects, inconsistencies, and unexpected behaviour. Automated testing tools often generate detailed reports and logs to facilitate analysis.

  6. DEBUG & TROUBLESHOOT: When test failures occur, analyse the root cause of the issues, and make necessary adjustments to the test scripts or test data. Debugging and troubleshooting are essential steps in maintaining automation scripts.

  7. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Continuously evaluate and refine your automation testing process. Seek feedback from testers and developers to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

  8. DOCUMENTATION & TRAINING: Document your automation testing process, including test scripts, test data, and best practices. Provide training to team members to ensure they can contribute effectively to the automation effort.

  9. MONITOR & REPORT: Implement monitoring and reporting mechanisms to track the overall health of automated test suite. Track metrics such as test coverage, pass/fail rates, and execution time.

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